Stingfree Animal


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Ballistol Stingfree Animal insect repellent

Ballistol Stingfree Animal gives reliable and long-lasting protection against insects for horses, dogs, cats and other four-legged animals. Insect protection specially developed for animals, which offers effective and caring protection for up to 8 hours against mosquitoes, ticks, gadflies, grass mites, blackflies, and other bloodsuckers. In addition your animal’s skin will be well-nourished and protected.

Ballistol Stichfrei Animal has been dermatologically tested “very good” and is recommended by vetenarians.


Spray Ballistol Stingfree Animal all-over the fur and skin of your animal from a distance of about 20cm. Repeat when the effect fades.  Ballistol Stingfree Animal is also suitable for sensitive animals.

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