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Specialist Cleaners

Specialist Cleaners designed with over 110 years of experience in gun maintenance and weapon cleaning.

Choose from the *Gunparts Cleaner, *Plastic Stock Cleaner or Silencer Cleaner below.

*Also suitable for air rifles!




From long guns and handguns to weapon cases and bags, the Ballistol Plastic Cleaner was specially developed for the powerful cleaning of all weapon related plastics. Ballistol plastic cleaner even removes stubborn dirt, grease, soot, sweat and smoke as well as adhesive residues. The special mini pump sprayer can be locked so that it can not be accidentally sprayed.

The Ballistol Plastic Cleaner is tested and recommended by Steyr Arms.


Briefly spray the parts to be cleaned, allow to work in and thoroughly wipe off with a Microfibre Cloth and allow to dry.


The Weapon Parts Cleaner has been designed with over 110 years of experience in gun maintenance and weapon cleaning. It cleans all surfaces thoroughly and  quickly. The sturdy nylon plug-in brush and high spray pressure ensure even stubborn dirt on surfaces and guides can be removed gently. The Weapons Parts Cleaner is fully effective even in hard to reach places and simply rinses away dirt. It has  a very pleasant citrus scent and like all degreasers from Ballistol, the weapon parts cleaner also evaporates without any residue.


The silencer cleaner from Ballistol dissolves and neutralises combustion residues. Silencers are particularly difficult to clean if they can not be dismantled. Although carbon silencers with narrow sections on fins and small holes improve the performance of the silencer, the silencer cleaning is much more difficult . With the Ballistol silencer cleaner, the residues in the dirty silencer can be easily cleaned out. Suitable also for use in a sonic cleaner.

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Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 19 × 5 × 5 cm

Gunparts Cleaner, Plastic Cleaner, Silencer Cleaner

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