Waterproofing Magic From Ballistol, The paper Test.

Pluvonin waterproofing impregnation spray will keep you dry even in the wettest weather. You can Impregnate jackets, back packs, tents, convertible roofs, Gore-Tex and all natural or synthetic fibers with Pluvonin universal impregnating spray. Pluvonin creates an extreme water and dirt repellent coating for all natural and synthetic fabrics. It protects leather too using the very […]

Ecology and Environmental Protection from Ballistol.

The Truly Universal Oil! Ecology and Environmental Protection Ecology and environmental protection play an increasingly important role when choosing certain chemical products. BALLISTOL was the first quality oil for maintenance and body care. It has been caring for the environment since it was invented way back in 1904. The ecological properties of BALLISTOL were known […]

Cleaning A Lever Gun with Hickok 45 and Ballistol

Cleaning a lever gun with the wonderful Hickok 45.Here he is showing how to clean a lovely old classic Marlin using the Ballistol Universal Oil. If you are not familiar with Hickok have a look at his channel and subscribe, always entertaining and informative. No matter what kind of shooting you are into he is […]

Can I Use Ballistol for My Air Rifle? Yes! Of course.

Ballistol Universal has so many uses around the home and the workshop as well as for the care of weapons.Something those of us preoccupied with full bore shooting forget is that Ballistol is also great for cleaning the barrels and moving parts of air rifles and pistols too. We do have some specialised products to […]

Ballistol 115 year Anniversary Edition.

Celebrating 115 Years of Ballistol Army Oil The Story Around the turn of the 20th century the Imperial German army was in need of a universal firearm cleaning oil. It had to be suitable for maintaining the metal parts of their guns. It also had to preserve the wooden stocks and their leather boots, slings […]

Revolutionary New Design That Really works!

How do they work? Revolutionary new design for better cleaning at the range. With conventional Pull through ropes the bristles compress after a few uses. The Flex Clean From Ballistol has rubber balls slightly oversized to the bore that push the rope hard into the lands. This way the cleaning is much more efficient. Between […]